Residents frustrated with railroad closures, construction causing traffic delays

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Residents say earlier this week, 54th Street in Columbus was shut down without warning.

By Friday the road was reopened, leaving the construction incomplete and dangerous, according to neighbors.

Residents say the most impacting section of the railroad construction is at the cross intersection of 54th Street and Eleanor Avenue, where the asphalt appears to be uneven when filling the tracks. Exposed beams and stray metal works surround the road and residents are concerned with the dangers the area poses.

Regardless, folks in the area say they were given no prior warning of the construction or closures and want a timeline as to when the area will be functioning again.

"When you're coming down the road, you cant tell how bad it is until you're right there on top of it," says a resident from the area. "It's very unsafe when you got cars coming down and stopping in the middle of the road to do a U-turn and then other cars trying to avoid being hit. It's worse now after they've touched it than it was before."

News Leader 9 has reached out to multiple city officials. public works employees and Norfolk Southern Corporation, the company who reportedly owns the tracks, for an answer as to when this construction will be cleared up.

We are still waiting on an answer and a timeline for the project. We will continue to keep you updated.

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