Safehouse to help members of the community during cold weather

(Source: WTVM)
(Source: WTVM)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Members of the Safehouse at Rose Hill are helping those enduring the cold weather by working non-stop Saturday and Sunday to help provide hot food, sofas, and even television to those who need it.

"If somebody is out on the streets in the freezing cold and maybe they've had a few drinks, you're dehydrated and your blood is thinning out, so, hyperthermia becomes a real threat," says Safehouse Executive Director Neil Richardson.

They want to eliminate that threat by helping as many people as possible.

The Safehouse normally closes its doors around 2:30 p.m., but due to what they are calling "extreme winter weather" they're keeping their doors open for any and everyone who needs a place to go for warmth. Team members and management, says they've seen many people come in due to the winter temperatures.

"We have people from homeless to just lower income that can't afford the higher utility bills if they were in the heat," said Safehouse Manager Charles Jeffries.

It's something that workers said is extremely important to the community and could prevent possible life-threatening situations for those that live there.

"It's a matter of life and death. If it's not life and death, then it's warm and comfortable versus very cold and very unpleasant," said Safehouse Client Coordinator Julio Hernandez.

According to management, they gave out more than 500 cups of coffee Friday, and said it's all about helping their fellow neighbor in difficult situations.

"Without us they would be out in the cold and possibly frozen by the morning. So, we get thank you every time," said Jeffries.

The Safehouse is looking to possibly extend their hours next week depending on the weather.

Other places, like Valley Rescue Mission and the Salvation Army, are also extending their hours as well.

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