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Answering your questions about snow

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With the potential for winter weather coming up tonight, you probably have some questions. So, we went ahead and answered a few we thought you might have. Take a look and see if we answered your question!

  • Will we see snow?

Yes. There is a solid chance most of the Valley will see at least a flurry. For most of us, we should get some measurable snow.

  • When will the snow begin?

The timing for this system is 7 PM ET Tuesday through 7 AM ET Wednesday. Please leave an hour or two on either side as a window. Our eastern AL counties will see snow first (in the 7-11 PM ET time frame). Columbus/Phenix City will start to see some light snow closer to midnight. By 3-4 AM ET our southern GA counties will be in the midst of it. Most of it should be out of the area by 7 AM ET Wednesday.

  • How much snow will we get?

The forecast is a flurry to 2 inches for our area. Some localized spots could see higher amounts. We'll have to watch and see where some heavier snow bands set up.

  • What could hinder us from getting snow?

The lack of moisture would hinder us from seeing much snow. Models are indicating that there could be a surge of moisture over the Valley. This means a better chance to see snow. Nonetheless, this system is not going to be a huge snow maker.

  • Could we see ice on the roads?

There is a possibility to see some snow fall and initially melt on the warm roads. The cold air is moving so fast that the temperatures would then quickly drop freezing any liquid on the roads as ice. Snow would continue to fall and roads would be dangerous.

  • Can I go to work tomorrow, Wednesday?

If roads are not icy there is no reason to not go to work. If there is ice on the roads travel is not encouraged.

  • Will the kids be out of school Wednesday?

Most likely. Check to see if your school is closed here.

  • How do I drive in ice?

It is recommended not to. There is not much traction between roads and tires when they are icy. If you do have to drive factor in extra time to take it slow. Use turn signals early and don't slam on breaks if you do slide. Bring a blanket just in case.

  • How do I drive in snow? 

Again, take it easy and factor in plenty of time. Use turn signals early and do not slam on breaks if you do slide. Bring a blanket just in case.

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