Snow turns into ice causing dangerous road conditions in the Valley

(WTVM) - Roads once covered in snow has now turned into ice, Alabama and Georgia law enforcement ask you to stay off the roads.

Roads are still very icy and slippery from the snow melting and re-freezing. There were accidents and roads closures all throughout the morning.

An 18-wheeler slid off highway 80 causing other cars to slide resulting in a complete shutdown. One lady was still trying to make it to work and could not turn back around.

"I was headed to warm springs where I work. I was going to meet my neighbor, my girlfriend we were going to ride together to work.  Now it's so bad, I live in Smith Station and I wouldn't dare try to go back across that bridge," said the driver.

Keep in mind of the threat of black ice. Although the most common places for ice to form are on bridges and overpasses, there are very slick spots all over.

Allow yourself ample time to get where you're going but if possible just stay off the roads.

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