Snow covered Eufaula Wednesday morning; roads now passable

EUFAULA, AL (WTVM) – Icy and snowy conditions crept into Barbour County, as the second wave of snow covered downtown early Wednesday morning.

Porches and patios, stacked with powder, as families stayed safe and warm inside. Barely a soul walked along Randolph Avenue and Broad Street, and for good reason.

It wasn't just the inch of snow convincing most folks in Eufaula to stay indoors; there was also the bitter wind chill, blowing all morning.

Road all over town also got the worst of the weather, freezing overnight.  At one point along Hwy 431 northbound, Eufaula police pulled over to help one man get his pickup truck out of a deep ditch.

Further north on the highway, black ice covered the whole road.

That's why several agencies, including the Barbour County EMA, issued a message Wednesday morning from the National Weather Service on their Facebook page, deeming all city and county roads, highways and interstates "impassable," until the temperatures warm up and the ice melts away.

That advisory has now been canceled and the roads are now deemed passable. 

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