Residents endure the cold without heat in their home, 14 days without running water

Residents endure the cold without heat in their home, 14 days without running water

TALBOT COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - It's a nightmare for three residents at a home on Clark Street in Talbotton, Georgia. They're enduring the winter season without heat.

"It's bad when you have to sit outside and catch the sun to warm you up and at night you have to sit in there with cover over you or get in the bed early," says Tracey Davis, who is a resident at the home.

They say that they've been without heat for a while now, and this comes after 14 days without running water. They say no one should have to fight frigid temperatures in their home.

"This place here, it's not worth it living in, and we need to be put in a warm place, sir. I'm sick and tired of catching these colds and possibly ending up with pneumonia, colds, and the flu. I'm an old man," explained Feli.

One resident says that he only decided to live there because it was affordable for him and his roommates.

"It's just not a really good place to live. I've only lived here for about four or five months, but I wish I never moved in here to tell the truth about it. I only moved in because It's a nice cheap place to live," says Joe Holbrook.

The homeowner says that they are free to leave the home if they wish. And that they are not forced to stay there.

"And we have talked to her about getting this house fixed and she says that nobody can make her do anything unless she wants to do it. And I've called a couple people around here in the county and keep getting the runaround," says Davis.

They were told by the homeowner Wednesday evening that they have to leave the home by Wednesday night. One resident later informed WTVM that the homeowner changed her mind and told them they do not have to leave the house.

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