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Columbus attorney breaks down rules of employee pay for snow days

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If you had to miss a day because of the weather, does your employer have to pay you?

Wednesday and Thursday were snow days for many people across the Chattahoochee Valley, but not all by choice.

News Leader 9 received reports about many people who were not able to make it to their place of work. The law in Georgia is simple: no work, no pay.

By state law, private employers are not required to pay employees if they do not show up to work. This is regardless of circumstances.

A local attorney further explains the laws.

“You are at the will of your employer in the state of Georgia, essentially. So. if you have an unreasonable employer who says come to work regardless, you would be expected to do that,” says Attorney Dorothy Williams.

Williams says it's best to contact your employer for decisions on specific circumstances.

Also, do not be afraid to speak with managers about “unusual” situations.

For issues regarding pay, the Better Business Bureau is also another option for employers who have complaints or any other work-related problems.

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