Columbus residents react to federal government shutdown

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The federal government shutdown continues and both sides are refusing to stand down ahead of the Senate vote on Monday. Many people in Columbus think that this shutdown, if continued, will do more harm than good.

"It's going to hinder a lot. I feel like it'll eventually work itself out like it usually does, but at what cost, you know," says Columbus resident Jonathan Schleter.

The last government shutdown in 2013 cost U.S. taxpayers $24 billion, which is $1.5 billion a day according to Standards and Poors estimate. Residents in Columbus say that 2018's shutdown is a bad thing for not just America, but the world.

"It's always a bad thing because it gives an impression that we don't know what we're doing as a country.That's very dangerous to say to the world right now. It brings in a very destructive view around the world of what the United States is doing," says Leanardo Mendoza.

Federally funded programs and people who need benefits, from social security, WIC, senior care and welfare payments could see some changes. Residents say that if the shutdown continues for too long.. there should be consequences for higher officials in government.

"The Government has been shut down before, so it'll eventually work itself out. If it doesn't, we need to remove the people from the top. That's what that vote is about. You have to vote the right people in," explained Clarence Acosta.

"It seems like once again Washington is all over the place. I mean there's no consensus of which regard of what to do about the country. No consensus on what to do about a simple issue or one single issue" says Mendoza.

Representatives from the Chamber of Commerce says because of the way Congress works, none of us know exactly what it would mean to Columbus specifically.

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