WTVM Editorial 1/22/18: Winter heroes

(WTVM) - When it snows in the south and that snow turns to ice, we know conditions are only going to improve when Mother Nature allows the sun and warmer temperatures to melt it.

Our cities just aren't prepared to plow or salt the roads, and why should they be? The average January high temperature in Columbus is 58 and the average low is 37.

So, when our winter turns severe, all we can do is have patience, be smart and careful and listen to city officials who tell us to stay off the roads as much as possible.

But what about those drivers that had to risk the ice, or perhaps lose their jobs? Many slipped into a ditch or a median or another car and good Samaritans or first responders had to come to the rescue. For days, police in Georgia and Alabama had to close roads, guard dangerous hills, help stranded drivers and generally deal with the chaos that icy roads create.

This is another reason we should never take first responders for granted. Police, fire rescue crews, ambulance crews and tow truck operators have to be out in the elements no matter what. They do thankless work, so let's thank them now.

Sure, there were some nasty wrecks, including one fatality that was weather-related. And many drivers should never have been on the road. But we are very fortunate for the dedication of our first responders and good Samaritans who rose to the occasion and worked hard to minimize winter's most dangerous days.

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