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State Sen. Paul Bussman calls for Hanceville mayor to resign after Facebook comment about governor

(Source: Facebook) (Source: Facebook)

State Senator Paul Bussman confirms to WBRC that he has called for Hanceville Mayor Kenneth Nail to resign after comments Nail made in reference to a picture of Governor Kay Ivey on social media.

The picture was posted to Facebook after the mayor met with the governor earlier this week to talk about issues with Highway 91.

But below it in the comment section, someone wrote a comment to the Hanceville Mayor that says: "Where is your right hand?"

Mayor Nail then commented back: "She did have a smile on her face didn't she?"

Some were offended and thought the comment was disrespectful, but Mayor Nail says it was just a joke.

"It was a post between two friends an old friend that I work with for 25 years. He made the comment, I made the comment back. You know looking back on it, it probably was not something I would normally say.  It sure was not disrespect towards our governor because I really like our governor, she helped us and that’s it," he explains.

In a Facebook Live interview with "Cullman Today", Nail said he will not resign and said he has talked with Ivey personally and apologized. Nail said the governor accepted his apology.

The comment has since been removed from the Facebook post.

The governor's office released the following statement on Friday about the incident:

I’ve spoken with Mayor Nail, and he has apologized for his inappropriate comments about me posted on social media. This situation is another reminder of the truth that words matter and that everyone, especially public officials, will be held to a high-standard for our remarks, even those made in jest online. Though I do not condone the mayor’s comments, they will not keep me from my continued focus on governing and serving the people of Alabama.

- Gov. Kay Ivey

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