Columbus Road Runners kicked off their Super Bowl run

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – The big game weekend is here and some people in Columbus kicked it off by getting in shape.

"That's why we ran today so we can eat tomorrow," said runners.

Columbus Road Runners kicked off their last race in their winter series with a Super Bowl run. Some people ran 1 mile to 5k's and 10k's.

Besides Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday comes in 2nd where people eat the most food, so I had to ask what was on the menu.

"Hot wings, of course, chips and dip, we've got some good guacamole and great salsa, stuff to drink," said one runner.

"Chicken thighs, we're going with some teriyaki chicken thighs." said runners.

Then, I went to see who they were rooting for while they filled their bellies.

Some already dressed for the showdown between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles yelling "Go, Patriots," "Go Eagles," and "Eagles are going to win!"

Some runners just simply wanted some good fun saying, "I just want to see some good football."

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