UPDATE: Multi-state agencies investigating child pornographic video circulating on Facebook

(WTVM) - A video showing a man and a young girl engaged in a sex act is now the center of a multi-state sex crimes investigation.

But the video has police now across the country warning people they could face criminal charges if they share it on social media. 
Alabama investigators received the explicit video earlier this week.

They believe it was filmed in Alabama but are still working to identify the people seen in the video and when it was filmed.

Social media users trying to help investigators have shared the video causing what's considered child pornography to go viral. Police want you to know, you should never forward or post videos of a sexual nature.

Any users who share the video could face criminal consequences.
U-S attorney for the Northern District says the F-B-I and Federal Prosecutors are working the case. 

If you receive the message containing the video, law enforcement says to report it to the social media platform and local authorities. And again, do not forward or share the message.

WTVM received the same message today and immediately called Columbus police who are now investigating it as well.

"We do not allow the sharing of child exploitative images on Facebook or Messenger -- even to express outrage. Regardless of intention, sharing such imagery is harmful and illegal. When we become aware of such images, we remove them and notify the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. We urge people never to share such content and to report it to local authorities immediately." – facebook spokesperson

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