Jule Collins Smith Museum holds 'Out of the Box' art competition

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - A piece of art at the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Arts in Auburn is not what most would expect when they hear "Fine Art". The piece titled "You are here" created by Stacy Rathert won first place in the Museum's Out of the Box is a biennial competition.

"That Wavy motion is kind of paused or frozen in time," says Rathert about the sculpture. The piece is designed to look like a picnic blanket being unfurled.

"When I grew up picnics were a necessity. We had to have them so my dad could stay in the field for longer. So he would jump out of the combine, eat a quick sandwich and then be back in the combine and back to work." said Rathert.

She was inspired to create the piece when her students' weekend plans made her think back to fond childhood memories.

"I was teaching in St. Louis for the summer and I asked the students what they were doing for fun for the weekend and they said going on a picnic"

This time of year, Rathert particularly enjoys the contrast in color of the artificial turf on the sculpture and the natural grass that it is surrounded by

"It has artificial turf on it because sometimes that picnic just happens where ever sometimes you don't have a blanket, sometimes it is just in the grass. And I really like the way the artificial turf right now is green and the rest of the grass around it is brown. It is a nice contrast."

According to the museum's website, the piece will be on display until October 6th.

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