Eufaula City Schools supplying school buses with WI-Fi

EUFAULA, AL (WTVM) - An East Alabama school system is taking a major step with technology.

Eufaula City Schools will provide internet service to students kindergarten through 12th grade not only in the classroom but now on the school bus.

The school administration says this $23,000 investment is well worth it since most of the students are given laptops or tablets to take home.

This is all part of the school system's initiative to use software for homework, textbooks, and other assignments.

"This is about the total bus experience for our students here at Eufaula City Schools," said Transportation Supervisor Andy Hinton.

With the new service, students on-board the bus will be able to connect up to 60 devices,

Joel Washington has been taking students to and from school for more than 20 years and thought he would never see this day come.

"No, never in my whole entire life would I have thought this service would be part of our system," Washington said.

On average a bus ride for a Eufaula City Schools student-athlete is more than an hour long.  Parents believe the WI-Fi will give students an opportunity to be productive during their rides.

"The time that could be wasted to and from games can now be used to work on their homework, study for tests, and to do things they need to do so they don't get behind," Eufaula City Schools parent Corey Kirkland said.

School administrators say the access to the internet will be limited to make sure students stay on track.

"All of the students know WI-Fi is coming so they ask about it daily. They are excited to have something new and something to look forward to for their bus ride," Hinton said.

Eufaula City Schools administration says while only one bus has the WI-Fi right now, the paperwork is being sent out today to outfit the others with this new service.

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