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Move over law in Georgia: What you need to know

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Every year first responders are hurt or even killed by drivers not paying attention on the highway. The problem resulted in the "Move Over" law but not everyone follows that rule. 

"It's incredibly dangerous, we're talking about a moving vehicle traveling 35-45 miles an hour against a human body we don't stand a chance," said Chuck McPhilamy with the Marietta Police department.

Officer McPhilamy is describing the danger law enforcement and first responders encounter every time they are stopped on the side of the roadway. 

"It's the grim reality that we all face when we signed up to do this job. Hero workers have been killed within the last year, firefighters, police, and EMS" added McPhilamy.

McPhilamy, says those fatalities were the result of drivers not abiding by the Move Over law passed by Congress more than a decade ago. 

According to the legislation, a driver must slow down or move over to the next lane when an emergency vehicle is on the side of the road. CBS46 wanted to see just how familiar area residents were with the rules, and the results where shocking.

"Have you ever heard of the Move Over law?, we asked. "No," answered driver Michael Crisp. "I know when they have their siren on you're supposed to move over to the side but outside of that, I've never heard of the Move Over law."

But one driver we spoke to was familiar with the rule, "I passed a police officer once that was on the soft shoulder and he actually pulled me over. I had no idea about the law, but I do not know but I do now", added another driver Melvin Anderson .

Still not knowing the law isn't an excuse. A Move Over ticket can run up to $500 and in some case can result in some  an even worst situation. 

"The driver that hit the back of this car, went over the sparklers and into the back totaling on our police car.  This is the third or fourth time a police car has been totaled like this in the last year alone, as well as one fire truck."

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