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Thieves change, cash stolen checks from mailboxes

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Homeowners are being targeted and they may not even know it. 

CBS46 reporter Brittany Miller spoke to a couple of victims who say they had no idea that a criminal or criminals were targeting their mailboxes. It's called checkwashing, where they find a flag that's up, take your check, delete everything except for your signature then head to the bank.

"I was sick to my stomach," said Christina Baird.

This mother of three panicked when she found out someone wiped out her bank account. 

"There was nothing left they actually had overdrawn account," said Baird. "It was kind of devastating for the family you know it's the weekend and you're supposed to be you know enjoying ourselves and now we have to worry about how we're going to you know eat."

It was all because Baird put up her mailbox flag. She says on January 25 she wrote a $10 check for a doctor's bill. Acworth Police say someone stole it from her mailbox, made a copy and then wrote two separate checks for Cabinet Installation. One was for $825 dollars and another for $810. 

Police say the crafty crook wasn't able to cash them at this Wells Fargo on Cobb Parkway, but made out like a bandit at another bank in Roswell. 

"Officers told us there were multiple people in the area that had also have the same thing happened to them."

George McNulty lives down the street. His mailbox was hit the day before. 

"They somehow deleted erased the amount of check and the payee of the check," said McNulty.

McNulty says his $25 check to AARP was changed to $825 for carpet installation. Police say the first check was cashed in Alpharetta, the second never made it past the teller. 

"It's some sort of scam that I wasn't aware of," said McNulty. "I'm glad that you all I put it on the air because people need to know."

Both say that was the last time they'll ever put checks in the mail. 

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