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Raining on our parades

5 Day Outlook 5 Day Outlook

Wet Through Fat Tuesday

Unfortunately, rain is likely to be a big nuisance as we try to roll into the prime of the Mardi Gras season. Rain will be possible Friday, Saturday, Joe Cain Sunday, Lundi Gras, and Mardi Gras day...

Friday night's parades have a small possibility of a few showers, but the models are only showing isolated light drizzles, so don't change your plans if you're going to the Crewe of Columbus in Mobile, the Mirams in Orange Beach, or the Maids of Jubilee in Fairhope. Just make sure to have some rain gear!

Wet Weekend

Rain chances increase big time for the weekend though... Rain and a few thunderstorms are likely both Saturday and Joe Cain Sunday. The rain could be heavy at times and a few rumbles of thunder aren't out of the question. The chance of severe weather is very slim, but it's likely multiple weekend parades will be impacted by sloppy weather. In total 2"-3" of rain is likely with higher amounts in some spots.

Lundi and Mardi Gras

Rain chances are a little lower for Lundi Gras day and Mardi Gras day, but there's still a decent chance of seeing rain both days, so once again be prepared for rainy weather if you plan on going out to the parades.

Have a great day!

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