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Drought relief, but there are some downsides to recent rain

Lee Harper. (Source: WALB) Lee Harper. (Source: WALB)
Muddy conditions. (Source: WALB) Muddy conditions. (Source: WALB)
Rain falling. (Source: WALB) Rain falling. (Source: WALB)

South Georgia has gotten some relief from a persistent drought.

But, all of this rain has some downsides.

Construction on the exterior of an Albany home is at a standstill right now.

Construction and landscaping companies we reached out to said this extended period of rain, and the saturated ground, is causing delays for certain outdoor projects.

Lee Harper with Harper Tree Service said the weather is preventing the ground from drying up enough to properly remove trees, without tearing up a yard.

"On us contractors and tree service, if you have a saturated yard, I won't let my company get on your yard to do any work, because the heavy equipment will leave tracks and ruts in the yard," said Harper.

Harper said he attempts to remove trees from a road or driveway when there is saturated ground. Otherwise, he prefers to wait until conditions are drier.

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