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Low unemployment equals good news for Savannah workforce

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Tens of thousands of Americans continue to benefit from our improving economy. The latest numbers show companies added 200,000 jobs in the last month.

We're feeling that impact in Savannah. Staffing agencies told us companies are being forced to offer better pay and better benefits as a result. With this latest update, the unemployment percentage is now right around 4 percent. In Savannah, it's a little higher at 4.5 percent. Overall, it's good news for everyone.

Lisa Dudley is just one person out looking for work this week. She was recently let go from her job as a dispatcher for Yellow Cab. For her, working beats an unemployment check.

"It would be great. I would rather be working than sitting at home trying to collect a check. I'm not someone who likes to sit at home and collect a check. I'm not doing very well sitting at home,” Dudley said.

Dudley's spent more than 30 years in customer service. Ideally that's what she'd like to keep doing.

"I prefer to be behind the phones dealing with phones, data entry work, anything that has to do with maybe doing paperwork or something like that,” Dudley said.

Denise White is another candidate. She's looking to make the switch into the healthcare field. She's doing something else right now.

"I really do like it. I truly enjoy it. But I have to branch out and do what I really want to do, like my passion,” said White.

Staffing agencies like Trace Staffing Solutions are extremely busy right now. They're working with job candidates and companies all over looking for perfect fits. Trace hires people for all kinds of jobs. Some of the big ones are the hospitality field, medical field, and of course, a lot of companies related to the port industry in our area.

"We really would like to place everyone permanently. We do temporary staffing but the goal is to find long-term work that people are happy with,” said Deanna Corley with Trace Staffing Solutions.

Decreasing unemployment is having a positive impact on the job market. The companies Trace hires for are being forced to change their pitch.

"We are having to encourage employers to pay more and they need a benefits package if you want the caliber candidate that you need,” said Corley.

For people like Dudley, getting work would be a life-changer.

"It would mean the world to me. I really like work. I've been working since I was 16,” said Dudley.

If you do plan on heading to a staffing agency, Corley said it's important to come prepared and realize you're coming for an interview. For more information on Trace, click here.

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