WTVM Editorial: 2/10/18: Wi-Fi on school buses

(WTVM) - Concern - and some evidence - has been growing for a while, that too much screen time online for kids, on smartphones, tablets and laptops could be harmful to their social and intellectual development.

That may be true. Of course what they are actually doing while connected online is what matters most.

And we think a new way a local school district is using technology to keep kids connected makes a lot of sense.

The Eufaula Alabama school district has become the first we know of in our area to provide students a wireless connection on school buses.

Well, it's just one bus for now, but the district says it plans to quickly make every school bus wi-fi enabled.

With the average bus ride for Eufaula students taking about an hour, the district figures it could be time well spent, considering schoolwork is all online now: textbooks and homework included.

According to the district, each bus will be able to connect up to 60 devices to the internet and give students something productive to do on those long bus rides.

We believe that's generally smart thinking and we hope it does help some students make better use of their ride time.

Now, if only technology could make school bus rides everywhere less bumpy, less noisy and with much more comfortable seats. That would be a real breakthrough!

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