Auburn School of Pharmacy raising money to battle opioid epidemic

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) – Auburn University's Harrison School of Pharmacy is raising money this week to help fight the opioid epidemic that is being felt across the country.

The fundraising is in conjunction with Auburn's Tiger Giving Day, a crowdfunding drive by the university to raise funds for various programs.

"One of the things that we have been working to do is to build educational materials and also gain more naloxone so that we can equip more responders in Lee County and the Auburn-Opelika area." Says Dr. Dave Brackett, Coordinator for Clinical services AU School of pharmacy.  "We are also trying to build educational materials as far as instructional programs that we can go out and teach."

Dr. Brackett says that the epidemic has been felt more in the metropolitan areas of the state like Birmingham but that Auburn should be prepared to fight the epidemic because of a large number of college students along with the influx of people in the city for athletic games.

While the phrase 'Opioid Epidemic' is tossed around a lot, many people still don't know exactly what it refers to. Dr. Backett says, "Opioids or pain relievers that are prescription drugs like hydrocodone, oxycodone, codeine and hydro morphine.

These drugs are used for pain relief in a therapeutic way and are crucial for that you say are the only drugs I can do what they do.

They can also cause are you forget that it leads to people wanting to use them outside of the normal benefit and they become dependent on them.

Tiger Giving Day is this Wednesday but those wishing to donate can do so now online. This project, along with several others, are accepting donations here.

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