WTVM Editorial: 2/20/18: Schools and guns

(WTVM) - A lawmaker in Alabama has just introduced legislation that would allow qualified public school teachers and administrators to carry guns to protect themselves and their students.

The proposal from State Representative Will Ainsworth was made in the immediate aftermath of the Broward County Florida school shooting by an expelled student, who took 17 innocent lives.

The idea to arm school employees – but only after specific training and concealed carry background checks - is very similar to Georgia legislation signed into law last year, which allows trained gun owners to carry weapons on public college campuses and letting local school boards vote for themselves whether to allow trained teachers to bring guns into school.

In an editorial I wrote back then, we endorsed the idea of competent, committed and responsible gun owners being allowed to have guns in school to even the odds against school shooters.

It's not just Alabama wanting to join in now. Texas and North Carolina are also pushing for a vote on measures allowing trained public school teachers to arm themselves.

Sadly, Florida, a state now grieving deeply over the Broward County school massacre has no such law in place yet.

But if just one teacher is able to stop one future school shooter, then passing the right kind of concealed carry law for school employees would be well worth the effort.

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