Military Matters: Base Realignment and Closure put off

(WTVM) - Four words that military towns hate to hear are Base Realignment and Closure, better known as BRAC.

This is how the Pentagon decides what stays and what goes as far as U.S. military bases.

A new round of these considerations was scheduled for next year, but have now been put off.

Back in 2005, Georgia lost two Army posts, Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem, along with a Navy School in Athens.

"What they said is that BRAC is not happening in 2019," said State Representative Dave Belton, chair of the House Military Affairs Working Group. "That does not mean it won't happen in 2021, but for 2019 the Pentagon has given up on BRAC. That's a great win for Georgia."

"That doesn't mean that we're out of the woods. For example, although they're announcing some troop increases at Fort Benning, Fort Gordon and For Stewart, they're also announcing they're going to kill the J-Stars mission at Robbins Air Force Base," continued Belton. "So, there still could be some realignment in missions, personnel and money, and we ought to make sure that Georgia can replace the mission at Robbins Air Force Base."

As far as budgets, Representative Belton also says for the first time in decades, Congress settled on a two-year continuing resolution that provides the military $1.4 trillion dollars through 2021.

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