Parents say MCSD should increase safety measures after mass FL shooting

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Parents are speaking out after a Columbus middle school increases safety plans following the mass shooting at a high school in Florida.

Veterans Memorial Middle School parent, Stacy Ray, says there's not a moment that passes by where she's not concerned for her children's safety.

In light of the recent mass shooting in Parkland, FL, killing 17 people including students, her children's safety while at school has been heavy on her mind.

"It's terrible to watch these things happen," says Ray. "It makes you worry even more for your children when at school."

Parents across the county say they feel the Muscogee County School District should strengthen its safety plans even more so now, due to recent national events.

Ray has both a seventh and eighth grader at Veterans Memorial. She says two weeks ago the students underwent an active shooter seminar teaching them safety procedures at school.

School officials at Veterans Memorial have now implemented new safety procedures for those planning on entering the school.

The changes allow only Veterans  Memorial students and MCSD employees beyond the office area.

Any visitors, guests, or parents on campus will need to check-in the front office and receive a visitors badge to wear.

Visitors will also have a MCSD employee or an escort to their destination.

The changes also require parents and guardians to schedule an appointment if they need to personally meet with teachers or visit classrooms.

Ray says she checked her child out early from school today and could already notice the additional safety measures.

"You have to have a picture ID on you at all times and wear a badge with your name on it. I am happy with it," says Ray.

The district is encouraging all their schools to reiterate their safety plans. The district says those announcements will continue to be made for campuses who choose to do so.

You can cast your vote on whether or not the MCSD should strengthen their safety plans on Chandler Morgan WTVM's Facebook page.

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