Georgia lawmakers pushing for changes to HOPE Scholarship

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Georgia lawmakers are pushing for change and Wednesday voted in favor of a bill that would extend the HOPE scholarship from seven to fifteen years.

This would help Georgia college students who may have to take a leave from school for various reasons but still hope to finish.

House representative Rick Williams is the main sponsor and he said this extension will help bring relief for students who must put their academic careers on hold for various reasons like financial or other life situations.

Studies show the graduation rate for students who have at least ten years with the HOPE scholarship was 3% higher.

HOPE is funded by the Georgia lottery for education, creating a better-educated workforce.

It has also provided more than 9.4 billion dollars in assistance for those eligible.

Those in favor of the bill say this will help get more college graduates working in areas needed, like teaching and nursing.

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