MCSD urges additional campus safety precautions

MCSD urges additional campus safety precautions
(Source: MCSD)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Muscogee County School District is urging all District stakeholders to implement additional safety precautions in response to national concerns regarding school safety.

District-wide safety measures are implemented in accordance with State law which requires a safety plan for all schools. An on-site safety team led by a coordinator is designated to each school and meets monthly to conduct threat assessments in collaboration with law enforcement.

Due to the trend of gun violence seen across schools nationwide, the following formal visitor check-in and check-out policies are being reinforced:

  • All visitors must check in at the front office of the school to gain entry.
  • Visitors must present state-issued identification such as a Driver’s License, passport or military I.D. to receive a visitor pass from the school.
  • Each visitor must indicate his/her destination in the school and proceed to that area only.
  • Each visitor must display his/her school-issued pass at all times while on campus.

All parents, students, and personnel are urged to report threats made to schools, students, and personnel in consideration of the following:

  • No student or employee should be in the possession of any form of a weapon or hazardous material, as defined by State law (O.C.G.A. § 16-11-121), while on campus.
  • Any employee who has reasonable cause to believe a student is in possession of a weapon is required to report the violation to school administration.
  • If a principal has reasonable cause to believe the aforementioned report is valid, he/she must immediately make an oral report to the Superintendent and law enforcement.
  • If students, parents, or employees bear witness to threats made toward any District campus, those should be immediately reported to administrators and law enforcement.
  • Threats of any kind made to the District, its personnel, or students will be taken seriously and result in a thorough investigation conducted by law enforcement.
  • Students who make threats, on or off campus, will face immediate disciplinary action and possible criminal charges.

The primary goal of the Muscogee County School District is to provide a safe learning environment through proactive efforts.

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