Russell County School District steps up safety measures, hires security director

RUSSELL COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - In the wake of last week's school shooting in Florida, many people are left asking about ways to prevent another tragedy from happening.

In America's battle over guns, teachers now find themselves on the front lines. Locally, one school district is stepping up their security measures.

The Russell County School District is taking extra precautions by hiring a new safety and security director. This new position is in partnership with the Russell County Sheriff's Department and the school district.

This district is one of the few districts to enlist this kind of support. The position will oversee all security measures for the school. New initiatives are reportedly already underway that will be implemented.

Alabama State Representative Will Ainsworth is introducing legislation that would allow some public school teachers and administrators to carry a gun during school hours.

Parents in Russell County are sounding off on the potential idea.

"If they have already been through the background check and able to purchase a gun and filled out the proper paperwork to be licensed to carry a gun, I believe that would be okay. But as a future reference, I think there needs to be more intensive looking into things and I would feel much better if there was a law enforcement was presence," said Jeanette Gresham, a parent of Russell County students.

Other parents within Russell County agree with teachers arming themselves with guns.

In a WTVM twitter poll, we asked viewers about the idea of arming teachers and 43 percent say they support the idea, while 38 percent say it is a terrible idea. Nineteen percent is undecided on the matter.

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