MCSD discusses rezoning plans for area

(WTVM) - A school rezoning proposal could mean big changes are coming to the Muscogee County School District.

The school board proposed a draft of the rezoning Feb 12 and held the first of several public forums today at Carver High School.

If you live in neighborhoods including Avalon Apartments, Holly Hills, and Mt. Vernon, and are zoned for Carver or Spencer High, today's forum specifically addressed the changes which could be coming to your area.

"The area for Spencer that we are looking to rezone is virtually right across the street," says MCSD Superintendent Dr. David Lewis.

"Students will be able to access the school by walking, bike or however they usually get to school."

The district cites student enrollment patterns and the opening of the new William Henry Spencer High School as playing a big role in the rezoning proposal.  Schools including Carver High, Dorthy Height Elementary, and St. Marys Magnet Academy are just a few that could see the effects of the rezoning.

Lewis also cites new infrastructure as a factor for the proposal. Lewis explains new housing in areas zoned for Carver High have shifted the proximity for student's closest school location. The area is where students are instead much closer to attend the new Spencer High.

"It's not as much about safety as it is proximity. It's about the students being able to go to a school and affiliate where they are much closer to where they actually live," says Lewis.

The district says the rezoning vote will take place after three public forums are held, mid-March.

The next forum is scheduled for Feb.  27 at St. Mary's Magnet Academy.

Those neighborhoods affected include Bunker Hill and Washington Heights. The schools affected are those zoned for Dorthy Height and St. Mary's Magnet Academy.

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