Budget cuts in food stamps could hurt families in need

(WTVM) - Budget cuts in government food assistance could reduce the amount of food families need and restrict them from choosing the proper food needed.

The Trump Administration says the program would save nearly $130 billion over ten years by doing away with the use of cards in grocery stores.

The plan consists of delivering boxes of food filled with staple items such as fruits, grains, meat, and pasta instead of a card.

This also comes at great cost for organizations that already feed the people in need.

"The food banking network provides more than 4 billion meals to those in need each year. SNAP provides almost 12 times that, almost 50 billion meals. So, if those meals are cut into, reduced, it's going to overwhelm the food bank network. People are going to be asking for meals that we can provide. So, it's got a significant impact," said Frank Sheppard, President and CEO Feeding the Valley

Consumer advocates like Feeding the Valley fear that the food boxes would reduce families the choice of proper foods, especially for those with certain allergies.

We spoke with one concerned mother needing government assistance on this issue.

"The only way I see it working is if they did something like WalMart and we could go online and pick what we needed and they deliver it to the house that way. But just to throw some things in a box and say here you go, I don't see that working," said Typhne Brown, a concerned Columbus resident.

The budget cuts would only allow people about half of their regular monthly benefits.

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