WTVM Editorial: 2/27/18: Get ahead of threats

(WTVM) - Our area's biggest school districts, including Muscogee County School District in Georgia, Russell and Lee County School Districts in Alabama, and the Auburn and Opelika City School Districts are all taking potential threats to student safety seriously.

That's good leadership and we want to commend them for it.

The Russell County School District, in partnership with Sheriff Heath Taylor's office, has even hired a Security Director, a smart and positive step to get ahead of any potential threats to school safety.

It's all a swift reaction to the Florida school shooting rampage that killed 17.

Russell County also acted quickly to put down rumors of a shooter threat and so did Opelika High School.

Opelika police investigated a potential school threat voiced by a player during a live video game with an out of state opponent.

In Lee County, deputies posted as school resource officers are working hard to cultivate solid relationships with students, so when students see something, they WANT to say something - to the police.

We're sure there are other school districts also taking pro-active measures and we would love to hear about your approach to student safety.

We never expect school violence to happen here, or anywhere. But we should never think it can't happen.

That's why these school districts and those who lead them, who care for a huge majority of the students in our area, should be commended for getting ahead of the risks.

They have all acted quickly to rumored or real threats and recognized it may take every resource, all the brainpower we have and new, pro-active measures, to make sure their students get the chance to learn without worrying for their safety.

Teenagers might have hesitated, thought better of it, and just turned around.

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