UPDATE: Shaw High School student asks 'help with killing someone' before being arrested

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – New details have emerged after a Shaw High School student was arrested following a threat on social media.

On Tuesday, Feb. 27, an officer was called to meet with a Shaw High School administrator who showed the officer a screenshot image of a SnapChat conversation.

According to a police report, 18-year-old Killian Storm sent a message on SnapChat asking another person to "help with killing someone."

Killian was charged with criminal solicitation.

A charge criminal defense attorney, Richard Dodelin says can have huge consequences.

"They boil down to basically a terroristic threat, which is a felony in the State of Georgia, and carries one to five years in the prison," said Dodelin.

Dodelin says children and parents need to be aware of the seriousness of this charge, and is warning about the dangers.

"It's not a game they [teens] need to be playing, and they need to realize that. Especially if they are grown, and in high school. They should know better because it will be taken real seriously and I don't think it will be any defense that, oh, I was just joking. It will never be looked at that way," said Dodelin.

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