New business in Columbus offers floating therapy

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Joseph and Kristin Wolfenbarger believe their new business will offer therapy unlike anything already available for customers in the Columbus area.

The Wolfenbargers, co-owners of Uptown Float, said anyone who steps inside one of their chambers will feel like they are floating in mid-air.

News Leader 9 joined the co-owners for a step-by-step tour of the business during Saturday's open house.

What they are selling is simple - flotation therapy, where a person will float in a sensory-deprivation chamber.

Both Joseph and Kristin Wolfenbarger said this therapy has helped them with many mental and physical issues in their own lives.

"I have anxiety," Kristin said, "and with that, there's a lot of stuff going in my head and when I go in there, all that gets released. Everything that was going on in my head, was clear."

Joseph said this therapy also brings relief for people managing chronic pain, or recovering from workouts and helping those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

"With the military presence here," Joseph said, "I thought, 'We have to bring it to Columbus.'"

Joseph said the first step, once a customer is ready to begin a session, is to head into one of three float rooms inside the shop, located on 11th Street in Uptown.

"That's where you take a shower and then you get inside the float tank," he said.

Once inside, Joseph said, the person will float in water close to body temperature and soak in a tub filled with 1,000 lbs of Epsom salt.

From there, Joseph said, the person will stay in the chamber for 60-90 minutes. "You have control of lights, we have fiber optics, we have LEDs... There's also an intercom there," he said, in the event a client may feel claustrophobic inside the chamber; still, both co-owners said in their experience, even people who say they are claustrophobic usually feel like they are in control of what goes on inside the chamber.

"If you need to reach us, we're just one button away," he said.

The Wolfenbargers also said they are working to get everything ready for customers, and plan to officially open their doors for business in late March.

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