Tips for staying safe during spring break

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Before you hit the road for a much-needed vacation, make sure your home stays safe and you have everything you need.

To prevent important things from being stolen or lost, you should:

  • Stop by the post office and ask for your mail to be put on hold until you return.
  • Bring your trash can to the curb.
  • Set a few household lights on timers to prevent robberies.
  • Ask neighbors or close friends to keep an eye out on your house while you are away.

And since you will be away from home, it is important to double and triple check your luggage.

Packing sunblock, hats and all the medication you will need is also important.

"My stepdaughter has a rare lung disease so we have to make sure we have breathalyzers, inhalers and everything for her," says Shahn Smith, a Columbus parent. "We try to keep clean white towels so the dye won't infect any type of wounds and peroxide so that's basically some of the things I'm going to keep around the car."

You should also try to avoid hitting the road at night or during bad weather; it is recommended to drive in daylight, if possible

This one may be the hardest, but you should not expose your plans on social media. Instead, wait to post pictures and statuses when you get back.

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