2015 Ski Lodge Apt. murder trial underway in Opelika

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - "911 what is your emergency..... I need an ambulance to Ski Lodge Apartments on 280, 300 building... somebody has been shot."

A recording of the 911 phone call made on the night of May 2015 was one of many pieces of the puzzle the jury is trying to put together to solve the murder of 26-year-old Cordera Johnson.

Authorities responded to a shots fired call at Ski Lodge Apartments in Opelika almost three years ago.

Cordera Calloway is standing trial in Judge Christopher Hughes' courtroom as the man police believe is responsible for Johnson's death.

Defense Attorney Lauryn Lauderdale is arguing there's no evidence, specifically DNA evidence that shows Callaway was at the apartment the night of the murder.

The prosecution is accusing Calloway of lying to police and claims evidence will show he was at the apartments.

Calloway and Johnson had an altercation hours before the murder happened, according to prosecution attorneys.

Several witnesses took the stand Monday including an officer who responded to the scene, a representative from a cell phone company to see if Calloway made a call in the area of the murder, and a woman who lived at the apartments and tried to help Johnson after he was shot.

"At one point I went to get towels and came back out to apply pressure to the blood hoping it would stop," Witness Latasha Garcia said.

Investigators uncovered 10 shell casings on the scene of the murder, but who was behind the trigger is for the jury to decide.

More information on what went down that night is expected to come through witness testimony and evidence by the defense and prosecution over the next couple of days.

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