COURT: Motive revealed after Shaw High School student asks 'help with killing someone'

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - An 18-year-old Shaw High School student who reportedly made threats against one of his classmates pleaded not guilty to charges of criminal solicitation.

Columbus police arrested Killian Storm after learning the student sent a message on Snapchat, asking someone to help him "kill someone."

In Recorder's Court Tuesday morning, police testified Storm's original motivation was to get back with an ex-girlfriend, who was dating the student targeted by his threats.

According to police, the Snapchat messages revealed Storm wanted to either shoot the other student or have someone commit the crime for him. There was no mention of money being offered as a payment.

Once police interrogated Storm, he told investigators he was calling the whole plan off.

Storm told CPD investigators he has been bullied in the past. In court, police said Storm told them he brought a fake firearm to school last year, in response to abuse from bullies.

Storm's defense attorney claims his client has a history of mental health issues, arguing jail might not be the best place for the student.

The judge has bound his case over to Superior Court, and he will be held without bond.

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