Disciplinary hearing held for Auburn Jr. High student who made social media threat

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - On Tuesday morning, a disciplinary hearing was held at the Auburn City Schools building for a city schools student.

Superintendent Dr. Karen Delano says she couldn't confirm what the meeting was in regards to or what actions were taken.

However, sources inside the closed-door executive meeting say the hearing was for the student who made a social media threat towards Auburn Jr. High school last week.

Dr. Delano did comment on the possible actions the board could take when it involves a student called in a hearing of this nature.

"I have several options. I can recommend expulsion if I think a student needs to be outside of our school for up to a calendar year. We have alternative schools and in-school suspension opportunities in our schools. We also use Chanticleer Learning Center that is out of the Lee County Youth Development Center. Sometimes it's possible it could be less severe than that it just depends on what we learned in the hearing," Delano said.

In a statement from Auburn City Schools, they said it was determined the threatening post was sent as a prank several months ago and recently re-circulated. The police department and school officials have thoroughly investigated the incident and have determined that the post does not pose a valid threat to the school.

Dr. Delano uncovered that each Auburn City School's administrators put together a crisis management plan and someone from the main office coordinates the plans so school officials are familiar with what will be done in case an incident were to break out on school grounds.

Auburn City Schools says they encourage parents to have conversations with their children about the seriousness of making threats of any nature regardless of the intent.

"It's a disruption to why we are here," Delano said. "If kids are scared or teachers are concerned and trying to console students it takes away from learning time. We want people to be safe and feel safe, so we will not tolerate any threats made to our environment."

Details are limited in this specific case because the student is a minor in the school system, however, school administrators made it clear the misuse of social media is part of school policy and will not be tolerated.

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