Busted pipe at Johnston Mill Lofts in Columbus causes flooding, displaces residents

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Some residents of Johnson Mill Lofts are displaced after a pipe busted in the building Tuesday night.

The busted pipe caused flooding in a portion of the building.

"I was wondering what was going on when I got home, and then I heard what everyone was saying. I went to my home to see my kitchen flooded," says Brian, a Johnston Mills Loft resident.

Some residents say the flooding reached as high as their knees. They say they heard a loud boom and glass shattering.

"In the upstairs apartments, the water main busted and the guy was in there, but he heard the boom and saw things trickling from the kitchen. Afterwards, he ran out. Thank God he did, because shortly afterward, it blew his windows out all the way to the second floor. He doesn't have anything left," says  Barbara, who is a resident.

The extent of the damage and the number of residents displaced has not been confirmed. Emergency crews are working to stop the flooding as soon as possible. Management at the apartment complex did not want to offer a comment, but they are working to give those affected a place to live until the damage is repaired.

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