COURT: Witnesses recount the night of the Curry St. murder; suspect pleaded not guilty

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – A Columbus murder suspect appeared in Recorder's Court for the second time on Wednesday.

Jamar Pipkin, 23, pleaded not guilty to murder after the shooting death of Jahwon Armstead on Curry Street.

Armstead was shot in November while he was inside a car and died from a single gunshot wound.

According to police testimony, people who live in the area say they saw Pipkin driving a car near the scene that night.

Witnesses also say they saw Pipkin run from a home where shots were fired. He told detectives he was on his way to Curry Street but never made it to the neighborhood.

There were a total of three witness testimonies. One witness said Armstead was a passenger inside the car where he and a driver went inside a residence before Armstead returned to the car by himself.

Another witness, who happened to be the driver of the car that Armstead was a passenger in, told police they only heard the shots but did not see who fired them.

Another witness said Armstead and Pipkin exchanged words.

Attorney Stacy Jackson says he has questions about whether shots were fired from the outside or inside the car.

"Obviously with the general facility such is that, by the time a person got shot and goes outside, the actual real shooter could have had time to run away from scene duck behind the house. Even a car could have driven up, fired a shot and drove away," said Jackson.

Pipkin's charges have been bonded over to superior court.

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