Women's nonprofit organization hosts water purification series

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A nonprofit organization hosted a water purification series Wednesday night to teach women how to make water clean enough to drink if they are out in the wilderness.

The Women's Initiative for Learning and Discovery (WILD) has been around for about two years and has hosted classes on everything from building fires to kayaking trips.

During the purification course, the instructors demonstrated to women different methods and resources to turn different sources of water into purified, safe drinking water.

"You definitely don't want to carry lots of weight with you so there are various methods to purify water and sanitize it so that you can just go by a stream and fill up your water bottle," says Jessica Battle,  the co-founder of WILD.

WILD was created after Battle had a failed backpacking trip attempt and noticed that Columbus didn't have any classes geared toward women survival in the wilderness.

WILD received its nonprofit certification in January.

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