Uptown Columbus works with city to 'relax' drinking laws

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Uptown Columbus has been working with the city to relax the drinking laws.

The organization wants to create an open container district within Uptown's footprint.

Uptown Columbus believes that relaxing the drinking laws will:

  • Add to the vibrancy and attractiveness of Uptown for businesses, residents, and visitors.
  • Create an atmosphere that is a positive-sum for Uptown merchants. Other cities' merchants have experienced increased sales as a result.
  • Serve as a recruitment tool for new restaurants & businesses, as well as visitors.
  • Model the same success seen in other communities like Opelika, Dalton, Duluth, Huntsville, Montgomery, Mobile, Roswell, Savannah, Smyrna & Decatur that have passed similar ordinances.

After discussions with merchants, residents, CPD and the city staff, we believe the benefits of instituting the proposed ordinance will outweigh any of the potential issues," Uptown Columbus said in a Facebook post.

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