EXCLUSIVE: Columbus battery plant fined after excessive amounts of lead pumped into the air

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – A battery plant in Columbus is facing a hefty fine after pumping out an excessive amount of lead.

Exide Technologies, located at 3639 Joy Road, is now responsible for paying the state of Georgia $11,328, according to a consent order.

This comes after the plant was not in compliance with EPA's violations following months of inspections in 2017.

An August, tests of Exide's smoke stack discovered the equipment was emitting high levels of lead gas into the air, over 200 percent more than the allowable amount.

Residents in the surrounding area say they are concerned with the citations and are shocked to hear about the air quality they've been breathing in.

"I'm shocked," one resident says. "I realize that people can get sick from that, lead poisoning because of the different side effects."

Here is the full consent order:

News Leader 9's Chandler Morgan is following this exclusive story and is speaking with more residents and getting reaction from Exide Technologies starting on the new at 5.

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