Peachtree Mall holds event to warn students about drinking and driving

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - As prom season quickly approaches, Peachtree Mall is bringing awareness to teenagers about the consequences of drinking and driving.

There is currently a vehicle involved in a DUI accident on display inside the mall to give teens a look at what could happen if you get behind the wheel after drinking anytime, not just on prom night.

The Columbus Police Department was on hand today, performing field sobriety tests with drunk goggles, along with a driving simulator of what it would be like to be pulled over for drinking and driving.

"Peachtree Mall's focus is the community and to give back and bring families into the mall not just to shop, but to give back," said TaVida Rice, General Manager of Peachtree Mall. "If they have experienced the simulator with what it is like to drink and drive, they will stop and think for a second."

The wrecked vehicle will be on display for the next few weeks and people have the chance to sign the car, promising not to drink and drive.

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