SPECIAL REPORT: American Idol Malina Rollins

(WTVM) - Meet Malina Rollins, from Columbus Georgia; your WTVM 2017 silver ticket winner.

"Whats been going through my mind pretty much is just song lyrics and practice, practice so I can do my best in that audition," said Rollins leading up to her audition in Savannah in front of American Idol Executive Producer.

With her WTVM silver ticket, Malina bypassed the open auditions, landing her in Savannah, with a front row spot in the audition line for producers.

Malina has one last audition before seeing the judges. She'll sing in front of the American Idol executive producers before clinching a final spot in the line up to face American Idol judges, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and LukeBryann.

We asked Malina what was on her mind leading up to her audition in front of the executive producers.

"Panic," Malina laughed. "No, it was a really cool experience. It was super, I'm just really thankful for the experience."

Malina, unfortunately, didn't make it through to audition for the Idol judges, at the discretion of executive producers, but she says its an experience she'll never forget.

"I'm just incredibly thankful," says Rollins.

From all of us at WTVM extremely proud of Malina and all her accomplishments!

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