WTVM Editorial 3/13/18: Forever families

(WTVM) - Adoption is a wonderful thing. It's a special type of personal rescue, both for a child in need of a lasting family and for the parents who want to open their hearts and their home to a special child.

But imagine adopting not one but FIVE children, all siblings, all at once.

That's what Kelli and Jimmy Davis did in Muscogee County. After years of trying to conceive, they jumped wholeheartedly into the demanding and daunting process of adopting children.

We recently profiled Jimmy and a Kelli in our special report, "Forever Family."

They deserve all the community support and recognition available for their selfless act of love and kindness.

They worked with Bethany Christian Services and the Georgia Department of Family and Children to make it happen. They had a committed caseworker to help.

They took hours and hours of training courses and opened their lives to background tests and evaluations that might make some prospective parents drop out of the process.

Not the Davis family. They and the other families in our area who step up to adopt children are doing something truly heroic.

They and every other adoptive family are great role models for the foster care and adoptive programs in Georgia.

They deserve a big thank you. In fact, because of their love for Maddie, Max, Ellie, Easton, and Anna...they deserve our thanks five times over.

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