Residents at Johnson Mill Lofts seek answers after water pipe incident floods building

(Source: WTVM)
(Source: WTVM)

Residents of the Johnston Mill Lofts in downtown Columbus are seeking answers after a water pipe burst in their complex last week and flooded some of their homes.

Some were left without furniture and others without a home.

"One of the residents that actually was hit the hardest was forced to move into a different apartment, but all their stuff is gone.  Basically, they're in a vacant apartment with nothing and they have a baby less than a year old," says William Buffin, who is a resident.

Buffin saying that he spoke with management and they told him that safety officials and fire crews have already inspected the homes and that they're livable. Buffin disagreeing, saying that work on the walls and water damage in his home is making it impossible to live there.

"My wife has asthma and it's a situation where we really can't be there. I haven't slept in my apartment in about a week."

We reached out to the front office for updates on the work being done, and they declined to comment. This is a developing story, stick with News Leader Nine as the story unfolds.

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