Random drug searches in Eufaula land students in custody

EUFAULA, AL (WTVM) - A Eufaula City Schools student was arrested for drug possession on school grounds early Wednesday morning.

Since early March, Eufaula Police partnered with Eufaula City Schools to conduct safety searches on school grounds.

So far during the searches, police have uncovered 13 students with drugs or paraphernalia in their possession.

Eufaula Police Chief Steve Watkins says working with the city schools has added an extra dimension of safety in the classrooms.

"We usually do the searches with the K9s at random," Watkins said. "The parents and students expect to be safe so that's what we want."

Watkins said thankfully no guns have been found during the searches thus far.

Assistant Superintendent John Beasley says the city schools did searches years ago, but are just now picking it back up again.  Beasley also said possession of drugs or any criminal activity is a violation of school code.

"The discipline for students found guilty, the worst case would be expulsion, best case would be suspension with some time in the alternative learning center," Beasley said.

According to administrators, Eufaula City Schools has one full-time resource officer while other officers drop in occasionally according to the chief. Meantime, the chief, city schools, and parents are working to put more boots on the grounds inside of their schools.

"Occasionally they are going to have drugs unfortunately, I think adding a resource officer first and foremost it'll cut down on some of the problems and let teachers focus more on teaching and less on discipline," Eufaula City Schools parent Corey Kirkland said.

Watkins said the police department is working with city schools to possibly come up with funding for more officers in schools.

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