WTVM Editorial 3/19/18: Walk UP not out

(WTVM) - Last week a nationwide school walkout was organized, inspired by the tragic deaths of 17 at a Broward County Florida school, gunned down by a viciously disturbed teenager.

The walkout was meant to be a serious exercise of public protest and that certainly has its place.

But there was another message being circulated that day, not as big maybe as the walkout, and certainly not as well covered by the media.

A teacher in Virginia encouraged her middle school kids to walk UP not Out and her message immediately went viral.

We think it's a message worth sharing.

The teacher posted on Facebook that students should "walk UP to the student who sits alone and ask him to join your group."

She suggests kids walk UP to "the kid who never has a partner and offer to be hers."

"Walk UP to your teacher and thank them." And the teacher's advice ends with "walk UP to someone and just be nice."

The teacher's post received nearly 600,000 shares.

The message is simple even if solving the problem of school safety is complicated.

But the act of standing up, walking UP, to do something positive to improve a student's experience or to help them cope with loneliness is a really good start.

It might help foster a school atmosphere where everyone helps build each other up, not tear anyone down.

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