Uptown Columbus Council proposes allowing open containers in uptown entertainment district

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Uptown Columbus Council presented a proposal to allow open containers in the entertainment district of uptown.

Business owners, residents, and Columbus police attended the meeting to express their opinions. The CEO of Uptown Columbus says allowing open containers will continue to progress the downtown area of the city.

"We're a progressive organization and we're a progressive part of this city. We want to keep presenting a positive opportunity for not only people that live here, but for people that come and visit uptown every day," says Ross Horner, president and CEO of Uptown Columbus.

Uptown Columbus used the policies of cities like Atlanta, Savannah, Opelika, and even Phenix City to help make their point. The council would like to expand the open container area from Broadway to Bay Avenue and West 10th Street to West 12th Street.

Uptown hopes the proposal can be brought up in a city council meeting soon.

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