CPD discusses increase in car accidents along JR Allen Pkwy.

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The number of wrecks along JR Allen Parkway in Columbus continues to climb.

Columbus police report 194 vehicles have been involved in 103 total collisions already this year. Fifteen of those accidents involved injuries and one fatality directly on JR Allen Parkway. There was also a separate fatal wreck on Interstate 185 near the intersection of the parkway.

"The people that are actually on JR Allen have the right away." They think that they need to accelerate instead of braking. If they would actually brake and allow the person to pass, then they can go in and merge a lot easier," says Sgt. Chris Anderson with the Columbus Police Department.

Anderson says defensive driving and doing the speed limit is what's needed to see a decrease in the number of wrecks and fatalities while driving on JR Allen Parkway.

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