Columbus businesses react to possible open container law

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A proposed ordinance by Uptown Columbus Inc., a non-profit redevelopment organization, could allow those who want to finish their unfinished alcoholic beverages on the go to do so during certain hours of the day.

If approved, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., open containers would be allowed on Broadway stretching from 11th Street to 14th Street. The ordinance proposed special stickers on containers for indication purposes. It would also allow them on Front Avenue and Bay Avenue between 11th and 14th streets as well.

Businesses say it could bring a needed change to the city.

"It will be a plus. Honestly, it's a plus for everybody. Anything moving toward an art district or entertainment district making Columbus a more entertaining and fun place to go will be great for everybody," says Daniel Kunze, who is the manager of Maltitude on Broadway.

There was a discussion Tuesday at The Loft where many of these business owners came together to discuss the impact the ordinance could have on their businesses.

"Columbus is a tourist city whether we like it or not because of Fort Benning. This is where people come when they want to have a good time. If we can provide a safe environment and also make money and make people happy, why not?"

Others say that although it could be a great idea for businesses, it could cause more danger for those who get behind the wheel.

"With a lot of irresponsible drivers out there this year, I feel like a lot of other lives could be in danger if that kind of law is passed," says Columbus native Marvin Cook.

The president of Uptown Columbus is recommending the proposal and hopes the ordinance will be on the Columbus City Council agenda on Tuesday, March 27.

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